Terms & Conditions


ORIZZONTI Home reserves the right to change prices without notice. No price is guaranteed until it is confirmed in writing, which is valid for 60 (sixty) days from the confirmation date. The prices do not include shipping and handling charges.


In order to preserve the appearance and durability of the product, never use abrasive sponges, hydrochloric or acetic acids, ammonia or metal silicates. More detailed care instructions are included with every product. Wood cabinet materials and paint surfaces will have specific care and use instructions included.


Many products are made of natural stone, woods, leather, fabrics, or metals. Because of the natural variations, and/or handmade nature of the products, slight differences are expected and are not deemed manufacturing defects.


Drawings provided herein are meant to give the user an idea of the product and are not made to scale. The sizes in inches are rounded up to the nearest 1/16. For further information, refer to the installation instructions included with the shipment.


Orizzonti LLC provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the faucetry it sells. This warrants any faucet, installed in a residential application, to be free of defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original consumer owns his or her home. Any product installed in a commercial application is covered under warranty for one year. Orizzonti warrants all other products to be free from any defects in materials or workmanship, during normal residential or commercial use including all hinges, drawer slides, finishes, and general workmanship of the item for a period of one year. Orizzonti warranties do not cover normal wear and tear, damages due to negligence, faulty installation, improper alterations and repairs, improper cleaning and care, or damages due to uses of the product other than its intended and normal use. If a defect is found under normal use, while under warranty, Orizzonti will repair or replace the product (whichever cost is smaller to Orizzonti) at its own expense (excluding shipping and installation charges). Under no circumstances is Orizzonti responsible for installation/service fees or any dollar amount beyond the cost of the item. In addition, all Orizzonti products are to be installed by experienced professionals properly licensed and bonded; otherwise, any Orizzonti warranty and liability is to be considered waived. All warranties are non-transferable and proof of purchase is required for any warranty claim.
In accordance with the laws of limitation and exclusion state by state, and therefore provided the duly exceptions, Orizzonti will not be held liable, in any event, for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages or losses (including but not limited to damages for loss of business, loss of profits, etc.) for breach of contract, tort (including negligence), product liability or otherwise, even if it has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Orizzonti's liability on any claim (including negligence) will not in any case exceed the contract price paid by the original purchaser for the product claimed defective or unsuitable. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure that all installed fixtures comply with all local plumbing codes.


Once the merchandise is released to and accepted by the carrier, Orizzonti's responsibility ends. Orizzonti LLC is not responsible for damages occurring in transit. After the merchandise is delivered and the shipping document is signed, it becomes the property of the purchaser. We constantly improve the packaging as new technologies become available, but damages in transit may still occur. Therefore, we recommend that all packages be inspected by the purchaser in the carrier's presence upon delivery. In case of damages, either visible or concealed, the purchaser is responsible for filing any damage claim against the carrier. In this regretful circumstance, we suggest utter diligence to have the carrier's agent explain the steps to submit a valid claim against the carrier, as each carrier has different claim policies. Please document everything in writing, preferably on the shipping documents and have also the carrier's agent sign along. If you wish that Orizzonti assists you in the claim process, please fax or email us copies of the shipping and claim documents at your earliest convenience. In case of missing items, which could occur due to our mistake or a theft during transit, please follow same procedures as for shipping damages above, with the only difference that the claim concerns something completely missing, rather than damaged. Please take note of any visible tampering with the packaging in the presence of the carrier's agent before accepting the delivery with your signature. In case of missing items, you must also inform Orizzonti and send us all related documents within 24 hours from the delivery date. We will open an internal investigation and check the inventory count to determine whether it was our error. If we verify it was our mistake, we will promptly ship the missing item(s) to the purchaser by standard ground at our cost.


By default, any item within UPS size of 165" girth limit will ship by UPS offering basic ground and expedited transit options to select from. Selecting other delivery options ranges from free pick up at either the store or warehouse location - that applies for local clients who like to arrange their own transportation, as well as international shipments, which are released FOB our warehouse in Chicago. FOB our warehouse means the buyer must pay to get the goods delivered and make their own transit arrangements. (The buyer will record freight-in and the seller will not have any delivery expense.) With terms of FOB shipping point the title to the goods usually passes to the buyer at the shipping point.
Large items that exceed the UPS size limits will ship by truck with several delivery service levels starting with the basic level of ground freight with curbside delivery. Curbside delivery provides delivery of your item(s) to the curb at the end of your driveway (the shipment will not be set up or taken into the driveway/house/yard).
The next higher level or service is ground freight with garage delivery. When freight is delivered to a residential address, this delivery option involves the carrier moving the pallet to the driveway, porch or garage on the ground level. Drivers will not take the shipment inside a home. When the shipment is delivered to a business location, the shipment will be left inside the door of the business. This delivery method does not move the shipment to any place that is not on the ground level and cannot be driven into using a forklift, and the freight will not be unpacked or packaging removed.
The most convenient and highest level or residential delivery service is White Glove inside delivery service, which provides in-home delivery and light assembly as well as removal of all packaging materials. Atypical circumstances, including more than 2 flights of stairs, more than 15 minutes on site, restrictions, e.g. obstructions on the way to carry the furniture in, 3-rd party permissions or required separate insurance certificate, etc., must be reported at the time of purchase and will require additional fees determined before delivery can occur. Client is responsible for ensuring that hallways, doors, passages, elevators, staircases if any, will fit the piece of furniture being ordered.
Our local delivery service within 50 mile radius of the store location at: 329 West Grand Ave , Chicago, IL 60654, will provide the White Glove delivery service, but only within the distance limit. Please check the distance between our store and your address here.
If a shipment cannot be delivered because no authorized adult is present to receive it and sign the delivery documents, or a service level required to complete the delivery must be higher than the service selected in the check out process, additional fees will apply.


If the product is not satisfactory for any reason, it can be returned to Orizzonti LLC up to 30 (thirty) days from the shipping date after obtaining a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) valid for 60 (sixty) days. A restocking fee of 25% may apply. If the product is not returned to Orizzonti within that timeframe, the RGA will be voided and no further RGAs will be issued for the product. The merchandise must be in salable condition, in its original packaging, and packed safely with the RGA number clearly marked on the outside packaging. To obtain an RGA number, please fax or email the request with a description of the reason for return. The merchandise must be in its original packaging and packed safely in accordance with the carrier's packing requirements, with the RGA number clearly marked on the outside packaging. Orizzonti reserves the right not to issue any credit, if an approved RGA number has not been obtained. A restocking fee of 25% and applicable shipping charges to the customer and back may be deducted from the credit amount. Credit (excluding shipping and handling charges) will be given only for returns of intact products up to 30 days from the shipping date. After 30 days from the shipping date, no returns will be accepted. All returned merchandise is at the purchaser's risk and cost. Special order and custom made items are not returnable. Products must be inspected prior to installation and installation of the product means its acceptance. Product, once installed, cannot be returned. Damages occurring in installation are not considered defects and are not subject to return or refund.
Orizzonti will replace any defective item for free only after the non-conforming product is safely returned to Orizzonti's warehouse in accordance with the carrier's packing requirements, and in its original packaging, within 30 days from the shipping date. If the product is not found to be defective and is damaged in any way, there may be a charge for any replacement. In any case, Orizzonti does not cover installation costs.


Custom projects are commenced upon signing a contract agreement describing the detailed scope of work to be performed and receiving by Orizzonti a non-refundable retainer fee applied towards the agreed project price. With regards to custom projects, the following additional conditions apply.

CHANGES: Any changes, alterations, modifications or any other reasons to deviate from the approved drawings must be set forth on a separate written "change order" with agreed credits or additional cost for the changes approved by both the Seller and the Purchaser before changes or additions are to commence. No work done or material furnished except as specified herein or agreed to in writing. Changes required by Buyer or required here-under shall be paid by Buyer in addition to the Total Sale Price. All Seller's rights and remedies extend to changes. Unless otherwise agreed to, in writing, all changes are at Seller's regular price.

OWNERSHIP: Buyer represents he owns the property on which the structure is to be placed. Buyer will identify boundary lines and be responsible for obtaining all necessary permits and zoning variations before commencement of work. Buyer is solely responsible for the structure conforming to dwelling codes and being constructed within boundary lines. Changes required by dwelling codes or boundary lines will be paid for by Buyer.

RISK OF LOSS: The risk of loss as to damage or destruction shall be upon the Purchaser upon the delivery of the product. The Purchaser agrees to accept delivery of the product or products on the date set forth on the cover side of this agreement or at a date agreed upon by the parties in writing. Purchaser shall be responsible for payment of all storage costs if Purchaser fails to accept delivery on the date set forth on the cover side of this agreement or a date agreed upon by the parties in a separate writing.

CANCELLATION: This agreement involves special design and custom built articles and after an order has been placed in production this Agreement is not subject to cancellation by the Purchaser for any reason.

CONTINGENCIES: The design does not include possible expense entailed in coping with hidden or unknown contingencies found at the job site. In the event such contingencies arise, all additional costs involved are the responsibility of the Purchaser. All surplus material remains Seller's property. During work Seller may use Buyer's utilities and all charges shall be Buyer's responsibility.

TITLE: Title to the item sold pursuant to this agreement shall not pass to the Purchaser until the full price as set forth in this agreement is paid to the Seller.

DELIVERY DATE: Seller is not responsible for additional cost, loss, or damage when performance is subject to delays due to transportation, accident, strikes, fire, acts of God, or other reasons not under control of the Seller.

PAYMENT: Purchaser agrees to make payment therefore, in accordance with the "payment schedule" and any claim for adjustment or replacement parts that are defective in the manufacturing shall not be reason or cause for failure to make payment of the purchase price in full. Delay in payment constituted as total invoice balance due not paid within 30 days of the date issued shall be subject to interest charge at the rate of 1.5% per month. Should the seller be required to engage the services of a collection agency or an attorney to enforce collection, the Purchaser agrees to pay all reasonable attorney's fees incurred by the Seller. The Seller retains all rights under the Illinois Mechanic's lien laws. Seller's acceptance of a note as evidence of debt or its taking of security shall not deprive Seller of rights under Illinois Mechanic's Lien Law. If Buyer terminates this contract after Seller has placed order with manufacturer the Buyer agrees to pay the total amount expensed by Seller in purchase of the materials.

LIMITED WARRANTY: Provided that Buyer is not in default of its payment obligations, Seller warrants material is of standard quality and will transfer to Buyer all manufacturer's written guarantees. Seller warrants workmanship and materials for one year after date of substantial completion and will remedy substantial defects on written notice from Buyer to Seller within such one year period. If installation is done by others, there will be NO labor warranty. THERE ARE NO OTHER WARRANTIES EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AND THERE IS NO IMPLED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY. This warranty insures to the benefit of and is enforceable only by the Buyer and is not transferable or assignable. Seller is not liable for incidental or consequential damages. If a manufacturers' product is defective and said manufacturer replaces the product but does not pay the reinstallation costs, the Buyer shall pay Seller for the reinstallation cost. At the end of the job and after Seller is paid in full, Seller shall provide Buyer with a certificate of Limited Warranty, this Limited Warranty does not become effective until signed by Seller's agent.

ENTIRE AGREEMENT: If any provision of this agreement is declared invalid by any tribunal, the remaining provisions of the agreement shall not be affected thereby.

RESALE: The Seller retains the right upon breach of this agreement by the Purchaser to sell those items in the Seller's possessions. In affecting any resale on breach of this agreement by the Purchaser, the Seller shall be deemed to act in the capacity of agent for the Purchaser, the Purchaser shall be liable for any net deficiency or resale.

ORIZZONTI would like to thank you for considering us for your home and are confident that you will be able to enjoy our products for many years to come!